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    Can't think of any other than my cousin Cora Rose, born May 2012 and her cousin (no blood relation to me) Eleanor "Nora". My aunt HATED that her sister had chosen Nora as the nickname. In her opinion (and mine) Cora and Nora are two close for cousins, especially ones born five months apart. Katie (Nora's mom) is expecting another girl in October and we're all joking that she needs to use a form of Auden Mae, my four year old cousin, in her name. My vote is for Autumn. It would make sense, she's due in October. Lol. I don't have a very big family and I'm the oldest in the generation so my immediate family won't have another baby for another good ten years or so.
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    My cousin had a daughter named Marion Rachel two years ago.

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    Paige Maxine, May 2011. Pretty much everyone in my family is done having babies or has had boys. Lol

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    On my side of the family, my (much older) cousin's granddaughter Emily Ann was born last December.

    On my husband's side of the family, the last girl was our niece Elena Rosalyn, who was born in October 2010.
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    Eleanor Al!ce Charl0tte

    ...not many new girls lately.
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