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    Thoughts on my current name crushes?

    I'm not expecting, and won't be for a few years, but I'm enjoying imagining which names I'll use. My choices change rapidly, although I've loved a lot of the same girls names for a long time, so I'd like to know what you berries think of my current loves, their possible nicknames and if you have any ideas for first/middle combos then please suggest them!

    While the girls names are all ones that I'd definitely use, most of the boys will probably be stuck as "guilty pleasures", or at the most middle names, in favour of more conservative choices but I'm interested to know if you think any of them might work on an actual boy.

    The Girls
    Rosemarie "Romy"
    Marguerite "Daisy/Rita"
    Eira (ay-rah- welsh name meaning snow)
    Saoirse (seer-sha)
    Aoife (ee-fa)
    Virginia "Ginny/Gigi"
    Mathilda "Hildy"

    The Boys
    Jebedaiah "Jeb"
    Calix "Cal"
    Maximus "Max"
    Septimus "Tim"
    Oscar "Oz"
    Mycroft "My"
    Godfrey (most likely only as a middle name)
    Jubal (joo-ball)/Yuval (you-vahl)
    Alaric "Rick"
    Annie, a name obsessed teenager

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    The Girls
    Rosemarie "Romy"- Love! And I love that you've spelt it Rosemarie. But I don't really like Romy.
    Audra- It's nice, but I prefer Audrey or Aura
    Marguerite "Daisy/Rita"- Nice name and nns
    Eira (ay-rah- welsh name meaning snow)- Love! And I love your pronunciation (I say it like that too )
    Myrna- It looks pretty, but it doesn't sound as nice when I say it
    Saoirse (seer-sha)- I don't really like it, I have a bit of an aversion to names with 'sh' in the middle.
    Aoife (ee-fa)- Okay
    Blythe- Okay
    Virginia "Ginny/Gigi"- I'm not a fan, not because of the virgin bit, but it reminds me of a certain body part when I look at it (sorry) I do love Ginny though
    Mathilda "Hildy"- Cute nn (I also like Tilda), and I have Matilda on my list (so I like it!)

    The Boys
    Jebedaiah "Jeb"- Nms, I'm not a fan of most -iah names
    Heath- Okay
    Calix "Cal"- Quite nice, like a twist on Alex
    Maximus "Max"- It's okay, I've never been a huge fan of Max names
    Septimus "Tim"- I like it, I read/listened to an audio tape of a series with a character called Septimus.
    Jared/Jarrod- Nms, it's okay
    Oscar "Oz"- I like it! But I prefer Oscar in full to Oz
    Mycroft "My"- I love Sherlock too much to say no, but I do automatically think Microsoft as well
    Godfrey (most likely only as a middle name)- Okay, not sure if I like or dislike it
    Jubal (joo-ball)/Yuval (you-vahl)- Nms
    Horatio- I LOVE Horatio (so, so much!) such a brilliant name.
    Alaric "Rick"- Like it, I prefer Alec as nn.

    My favourite girls are: Eira, Rosemarie, & Mathilda
    My favourite boys are: Horatio(!), & Alaric (Mycroft gets a special mention as I'm so much of a fangirl)
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    The Girls
    Rosemarie "Romy"- Rosemarie is pretty, but I adore Rosemary, especially for its botanical connection. Rosemary just feels a bit fresher, but Rosemarie is still lovely.
    Audra- NMS, but still lovely.
    Marguerite "Daisy/Rita"- Serious, studious, yet a lot of fun. I would be really excited to meet a little Marguerite. I adore Margaret too.
    Eira (ay-rah- welsh name meaning snow)- NMS, and the prn will be a problem, but it is lovely.
    Myrna- I just hear 'burn her' or 'murder'. I can see its appeal, and I really want to like it, but I cannot get past that.
    Saoirse (seer-sha)- Lovely.
    Aoife (ee-fa)- Lovely. The prn could prove problematic depending upon where you live, but it is gorgeous.
    Blythe- NMS.
    Virginia "Ginny/Gigi"- I think it is a great name, I just worry about 'virgin' teasing in middle school.
    Mathilda "Hildy"- Gorgeous! I love it.

    The Boys
    Jebedaiah "Jeb"- NMS, but a great name.
    Heath- NMS, and still strongly tied to Heath Ledger (to me), but a great name.
    Calix "Cal"- Fun and spunky: it brings together the best elements of Calvin and Felix.
    Maximus "Max"- LOVE.
    Septimus "Tim"- I don't find this very appealing on the ear: I worry about 'septic' teasing.
    Jared/Jarrod- NMS (It is super trendy / starting to be dated where I live: Jarryd / Jarhid, etc. I've seen it all.) but I can see its appeal.
    Oscar "Oz"- Fun and spunky: NMS (bad personal association), but a great name.
    Mycroft "My"- YAY! LOVE. This makes me so happy. I adore Sherlock Holmes, and Mycroft isn't as obvious as using Sherlock.
    Godfrey (most likely only as a middle name)- This would make a cool mn, but I wouldn't use it as a fn (God jokes: limitless).
    Jubal (joo-ball)/Yuval (you-vahl)- Jubal is lovely: bouncy and rambunctious, it reminds me of jubes, Jubilee and being jubilant.
    Horatio- LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Horatio is on my signature. I adore Horatio. My absolute favourite from your list.
    Alaric "Rick"- NMS, but a good name.

    Girls: Mathilda, Marguerite, Rosemarie, Aoife.
    Boys: Maximus, Mycroft, Jubal and Horatio.
    Vesper Opal, Dossie Gardener, Shalom Galilee, Easter Paloma, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia, Benilde Beloved, Constance Camellia, Bernadette Minnie, Bertie Frances, Betty Calloway, Yuki Magnolia, Malou Anouk.

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    Rosemarie "Romy"-Not a fan, especially with this spelling but it is okay.
    Audra-Okay. Better than Audrey
    Marguerite "Daisy/Rita"-A bit too fancy for my liking. Daisy would be more my choice.
    Eira (ay-rah- welsh name meaning snow)-I like this. It is simple but fresh and exciting.
    Saoirse (seer-sha)-Nah
    Aoife (ee-fa)-I quite like this.
    Blythe-Middle only but quite nice.
    Virginia "Ginny/Gigi"-Not a fan.
    Mathilda "Hildy"-Adorable!!!

    The Boys
    Jebedaiah "Jeb"-Stick with Jeb on its own.
    Heath-Heathcliff :S
    Calix "Cal"-Sounds like a medicine.
    Maximus "Max"-Mn only.
    Septimus "Tim"-Mn only.
    Jared/Jarrod-Seems quite dated to me.
    Oscar "Oz"-I like this!
    Mycroft "My"-Nah
    Godfrey (most likely only as a middle name)-Mn only.
    Jubal (joo-ball)/Yuval (you-vahl)-Nah
    Horatio-Mn only
    Alaric "Rick"-Nah

    Mathlida, Eira and Oscar are my favourites off your list.
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