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    * Eleanor "Ellie" * Maeve * Caroline * Mary * Grace * Sophie * Stella *

    * James * Henry * Paul * Owen * Emmett *

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    @ Sorceress, Corey loves Onyx! I can't get on board with it (even though I'm a bit of a geology nerd) cause of the Pokemon. He would probably like Cosmo, but I would forever think of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. I'm adding Altair to the list cause I love Altair Orion but I think I still like Atlas better as a fn. Your combos are great, especially Rufus Mercury & Heathcliff Sterling.

    @ Saracita00, the more I see Ozias the more I like it! My favourite of your boy combos so far has to be Orson Rudyard Crane. So many Rs! Gorgeous! And Esperanza Hazel & Elowen Gaia are woooonderful. OK now I'm thinking this: What about TWIN GIRLS, Esparanza Hazel & Elowen Willow. Hahaha is that just over the line matchy and pathetic? Cause I kinda like it.

    @ Jacquigirl - Thanks for your suggestions! I like Lilith but probably wouldn't use it cause, you know. Jericho is a new one, I like it - there is a beach here in Vancouver called Jericho Beach so it doubles as a nature name for us, kind of. Too bad I hate Jer & Jerry.

    @ December901 - Thanks! I just added Roux to my boys' list! Not sure most of your other choices really do it for me - I do like Marina but my mom's name is Mary & we have honoured her with Rosemary already so I probably should steer clear of Mary related names. I love Zinnia Ruby but worry Zinnia is too close in sound to Azula.
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    Azula Rosemary
    Indira Coral
    Osiris Mercury James

    Freyja Moon
    Rohan Evander Fox

    Elowen Ruby
    Archer Erickson Jade

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    Considering I don't have any, this would be my first child or twins. If I were giving birth right now and had to choose a name this instant? A tough one. The safe, fine, appropriate in family context names or the names I absolutely love? There are many usable options.

    Bryony and/or Caroline

    Casey and/or Zachary "Zach"
    John C. K. Grace Catherine K. (Gracie)
    Peter C. K. Caroline Rose K.
    Thomas C. K. (Tommy) Bryony Kathleen K.
    Timothy C. K. (Tim) Maggie Rose K.
    Dawson C. K. Hope Elizabeth K.
    Conor C. K. Gwenyth Rose K. (Gwennie)
    Kevin C. K. Elizabeth Rose K. (Libby)

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