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    Mine are Pearl, Penelope, and Clementine. Pearl would make a great middle name, but there's something eternally fusty about it i can't shake. I love the short forms of Penelope, and the name is growing on me, but every time I say it out loud I realize how much I don't like how it sounds. Clementine is unusual and peppy, but the fruit association sticks with me.

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    I'm quite lukewarm on Martha. I want to like it more, but I just haven't got there yet.
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    Daphne. It is my mom's name and I like it in theory. I like the myth and the flower association. I like names that end in the long E sound. But IDK when I say it out loud, it doesn't sound appealing to me, it sounds kind of harsh. Some days I like it more than others and could possibly use it as a middle.
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