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    I like Quinn on both genders. Quinn would still work for a boy, no doubt. In fact, it'd be rather refreshing to see a male Quinn.

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    I love Quinn and to me it is all boy. I would have happily used it for either of my sons, but unfortunately, I couldn't get my husband over the line!
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    I do think it will go to the girls. Honestly, I think that's a possibility you need to consider... would it bother you if it became a girls' name? My brother has what I consider to be a very masculine name, but it became quite unisex at a certain point (a few years after he was born). Now, it's back firmly in the boys camp. People may tell you that your son won't get made fun of... and he may not. However, you won't be able to control that. You can teach him how to deal with it and how to be confident regardless, but you really don't know how he'll feel about his name. I think my brother likes his name now, but he didn't when we were younger. There were always jokes, even though he's a cool, confident sort of a guy. There were also the accidents, where people didn't mean to mock him. Mostly the accidents were things like getting assigned a spot on the girls team in gym class at the beginning of the year. The teacher just assumed he was a girl... If you decide to go with Quinn, you probably need to accept that you are taking a risk. More than that, I'd consider what you'll do if it does become an issue... how would you like to help your son deal with it? Interestingly, my brother was very adamant that none of his children would have unisex names. I personally would use Quinn as a nickname for Quentin or Quinlan... just to be safe.
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    Quinn is a boys' name shared by a few girls w/parents who like trendy names. I don't find it trendy as a boys' name, though. Go for it!

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    Quinn is still very much usable for a boy IMO!

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