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    Freya definitely sounds too much like Svea and is becoming too common in America.

    Lisbet and Lisette are great names and very unique.

    Soren is an amazing boys name and I hope you choose it if you have a boy!

    Good Luck
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    Here are some you might like:

    Boy's Nordic names:

    Girl's Nordic names:
    I have read that Tindra is popular in Scandinavian countries
    Linnea (known in North America, but not popular)

    I know an Elke (elky) and I have heard Hilde (hildy)

    Good luck!

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    I've always loved Esme, that's my girl vote for you. For a boy I like your pick of Sorren, I agree that Anders is close to Alexander. Goran I don't like as much but appreciate the significance. Perhaps Sorren George?

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    Used to know a Lindy and thought her name was beaitiful

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    Thanks for your comments. Niteowl13 suggested Sten. I like this name quite a lot. I think it goes well with Svea too. Thanks for the reminder. I'm not sure if it beats out Soren though.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention this definitely the last baby, so finding further sibsets isn't a concern.

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