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    Apr 2013
    Pet wise:

    Tiger- Cat
    Jiffy & Fluffer- Rabbits
    Squiffy- Guinea Pig
    Ollie- Cat
    Peppa & Willow- Rabbits
    Waffles- Dog
    Sparky- Hamster
    Flipper, Flubbles, Splodge, Speko & Ginger- Fish
    Name lover & Married to a wonderful man

    Lilith - Vesper - Francesca - Tiffany - Lark - Viola - Naomi - Eloise - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Freya
    Zachary - Alexander - Tristan - George - Axel - Dominic - Loki - Malachi- Rowan - Harvey - Griffin - Briar

    Bunny names:
    M: Banjo, Chewbacca
    F: Kairi, Pika
    Uni: Bantha, Domino, Tadpole

    My blog:

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    Jan 2013
    East Midlands, UK
    Edmund Wilder is such a gorgeous name!

    Um, my cat's name is Leo. That's really the only name I would have otherwise had on my list.
    Livia, eighteen.

    Top Names:

    Tobias Eden | August Dmitri | Lucas Gideon
    Saskia Maeve | Bryony Saoirse | Eloise Carmen


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    Nov 2013
    I love your children's names! I don't have kids yet (one day ), but I have some beautiful pets:

    My miniature belted Galloway cow family:
    Mummy: Celia
    Daddy: Domino 'Dom'
    Kids: Albert, Bunny, George, Edmund and Lewis.

    My black labrador cross goodness knows what: Lily Violet Cadmus. Violet is her middle name, and her last name is Cadmus, even though it isn't our last name, which she also shares.
    Mary, Esther, Susanna, Nora, Camellia, Francesca, Constance, Dominica, Tilly, Bellamy, Gardenia, Pearl, Evangeline, Ida, Mabel, Evangeline, Yuki, Rose, Josephine, Arabella, Magnolia, Mirabelle, Theodora, Louisa, Raphaela.

    Amias, Moses, Bellamy, Albert, Callahan, Quincy, Arthur, Bertie, Pello, Raphael, Frederick, Abraham, Gus, Lucian, Caspian, Cagney, Charles, Remy, Sullivan, Enzo, Patterson, Frank, George, Ezekiel.

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    Jul 2014
    My daughters are Zoey Mae and Paige Maxine

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    Nov 2012
    My dog is Jetta, and the only other pets that I have personally named were fish: there was Mermaid, Coral, Eb, Flo, Boo, and Chip

    The (Inconsistent) Blog: The Great Puzzle

    Amaryllis Josephine Dove (Lilly) * Holiday Elizabeth Kate (Holly)

    Phineas Orlando Jack (Finn) * Caspian Apollo Gray (Cash)

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