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    Isabella & Esme are both names of main characters in Twilight. I would definitely not use them together.
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    Isabella is lovely! I really like Esme and Rose but both are way too short and sassy for a twin with the name like classy Isabella.

    How about

    Isabella and Anastasia
    Isabella and Francesca
    Isabella and Esmeralda
    Isabella and Gabriella
    Isabella and Wilhelmina

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    What about Isabella and Rosa?? We both were talking about Rosa yesterday, very pretty but is it still too short etc??

    I really love Gabriella but it's the Gaby nn that I really don't like. As with Francesca, Fran would be a travesty...
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    I feel as though Esme and Rose/Rosa would be way too Twilight-esque when paired with Isabella. I like...

    Isabella & Sophie
    Isabella & Madeleine
    Isabella & Grace
    Isabella & Gabrielle (you could use the nickname "Elle" as opposed to "Gaby")
    Isabella & Genevieve
    Isabella & Seraphine
    Isabella & Charlotte
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