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    Theresa nicknamed Tessa

    What are your thoughts on this name?
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    I adore the nickname Tessa, but Theresa has always felt so dated to me (probably because at least three of my friends' mums are called Theresa!). I definitely prefer Tessa as a standalone name. If I was forced to ever use the name Theresa, though, I'd spell it without the 'h' - no idea why but Teresa looks a little more appealing to me.
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    It's my "if only" name/nickname combo. It was my grandma's name, and it's my middle, but my sister has said that she plans to use it - and chances are high that she'll get to it before me, as she already has 3 kids.
    Theresa is graceful and classic, and though not currently popular it also never got big enough to become truly dated. Tessa and Tess are spunky and lively.
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    Personally I prefer Tessa on its own, but as full names go Theresa isn't bad. I like Theresa, but it feels a bit dated to me. I guess it would be refreshing to meet a young Theresa, as all the ones I know are older.
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    It's okay, not really my thing. I kinda like Therese for The Virgin Suicides reference.

    I know a Teresa (tuh-RAY-sa, named after a Portuguese grandmother) who goes 100% by Tess. It works.

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