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    Our Current unsure!

    We have come up with a list of names and now that we know baby is a girl we can now focus on those! I'm so unsure of our list though...basically worrying we've missed the name! Though every time I look at names I end up back at the list... With a few exceptions here and there that hubby has said no to. Our last name begins with a T and is popular and long. So what do you think?!

    Names we both like:

    I like these but hubby is only a maybe as of right now:

    Hubby's only suggestions so far:

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    What about Clare or Georgia? Some suggestions as to your preference- you seem to lean more towards classic, ending-in-a names, while he likes more unisex names.

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    So many great names! I love:


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    From your list, I like Amelia and Emma best (but Emma might not work if your ln is Th---son). Josephine nn Josie is awfully nice-- maybe Josephine Sophia T?

    Some other possibilities:

    Instead of Aria: Daria, Aurora, Aurelia, Brynn, Ada, Adele
    Amelia: Miranda, Delia, Delilah, Nadia, Julia, Marina,
    Rylie: Rose, Rosalie, Coralie, Phoebe, Daphne, Zoe
    Emma: Gemma, Juliet, Eva, Elise, Eliza, Anna, Ellen
    Clara: Claire, Cora, Coral, Willa, Stella
    Sophia: Georgia, Chloe, Charlotte, Fiona
    Isabella: Imogen, Isadora, Bettina, Isolde, Millicent
    Spencer: Avery, Taylor, Arden, Rowan, Romilly
    Josephine: Jane, Lucinda, Caroline, Madeline

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    My personal favorites are; Amelia (slightly prefer Emilia), Emma, and Sophia. I also adore Sophie and Isabel. I think Clara is beautiful but I prefer Claire/Clare. I like Aria, Isabella, and Josephine. Rylie is sweet. Spencer is very masculine.
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