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    Beau Pronounciation

    Yes I know that the correct pronunciation of Beau is "Bo" but honestly, would you prefer the actual pronunciation or pronounce it as Beau in "Beautiful"?

    Note that this is for a character in the story so perhaps your opinions may differ

    Last Name is Rowan. Would "bo rowan" or "beau rowan" sound nicer? I personally always loved to pronounce Beau like in "Beautiful" but am not very fond of its actual pronunciation c:

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    I prefer Beau pronounced Bo, because I have studied French (however basically), and I cannot see it any other way. I'm not a big fan of Beau pronounced the way Beau in beautiful is, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me, or many other people (who would automatically say it as Bo), but I adore the French Beau (it reminds me of the word bow, or ribbons and gifts. I would see a little Beau as a gift.) If you were to say it the 'beautiful' way, I personally would spell it Bue / Bew to avoid confusion.

    I think Bo Rowan sounds nicer, even though there is the rhyme of Bo and 'Ro', but I think it works. Good luck!
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    In all honesty, I think the beautiful sound sounds better than bow - but I still read it as bow. Sorry, but I think you should stick with the bow pronunciation.

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    I think the Bo pronunciation will cause less confusion and still sounds okay with the surname

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    Thank you for your opinions! Looks like everyone prefers 'bo' c:
    It's very surprising since all of my friends pronounces Beau like "Beautiful" and find "bo" weird.

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