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    A sister for Olivia, Vivian, and Georgia, m

    Olivia Grace, Vivian Pearl and Georgia Mae are my girls,

    Names I'm liking currently


    Possible middle names are Bliss, Maeve, Winter, Clare, Elizabeth, Jewel

    Favorite combinations? Other suggestions. It's so hard to decide!

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    I like Susannah Winter, Emmeline Jewel, Emmeline Clare and Susannah Clare. Susannah Clare fits well with the other three, and it would be my choice.

    Please vote on my name list!

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    Those are beautiful names! Emeline is one of my all time favorite names (I prefer it pronounced Emma-line, but Emma-leen is gorgeous, too.)

    Some possibilities:

    Emmeline Clare
    Emmeline June
    Emmeline Kate
    Emmeline Rose
    Annabel Rose
    Savannah Clare
    Delia Jane
    Charlotte Rose
    Caroline Anne

    Some other first names to consider: Cora, Clara, Scarlett, Audrina, Lenora, Helaine or Helena
    Middles: Mary, June, Rose, Day, Ash, Anne

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    Northern California
    Olivia Grace, Vivian Pearl and Georgia Mae are my girls,
    I love these three names, they are beautiful. Olivia, Vivian, Georgia all have an old world or southern glamour so I ranked the choices in terms of "glamour" and flow with the sibset.
    (Olivia, Vivian, Georgia, and _______)

    In order of preference:
    1. Delia - glamorous, strong character, definitely a good match for the sibset
    2. Emmeline - feels right for the youngest girl, sweet & pretty, flows well with sibset
    3. Susannah - isn't lively enough, doesn't have the dignity for the sibset
    4. Annabel - too plain, too mousy for the sibset

    Favorite combinations:
    Delia Winter, Emmeline Jewel, Emmeline Clare, Delia Maeve
    *** My name is Auden Sinclair. I love to play with names.***
    Owen Frost - Ephraim Hawthorne - Duarte Micah - Ulysses Ozwell - Isaac Naeem - Alistair Roydan
    Elsabet Jules - Maeve Esme - Saffron Ava - Skye Carys - Iva Noelle
    Arden - Nuala - Adelaide Skye - Aoife - Cyra
    Jane Verity - Grace Isa - Jean Sanne - Sage Harlow - Joan Elyse
    Elisaveta - Elisabet - Elzbute - Alzbet - Bettina - Isa - Eliza - Lisette - Lisbet - Lisaveta - Liisi

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Love Emmeline and Annabel! I feel like Emmeline works better with Olivia, Vivian, and Georgia, though. Emmeline Bliss? I also love Annabel Winter and Annabel Clare (prefer Claire, though!).

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