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Thread: Our latest list

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    Our latest list

    Haven't been on in a while! I made a thread a while back asking for suggestions for our son and I've been mega busy so I hadn't been back on, but now we've got a new (slightly improved) list, I figured I should get my butt back and work out what to name this guy!

    We have a slightly awkward surname, Swan. We've been finding it hard finding names that we think work with it, but we have a list of names that we THINK work ok.


    We also have a few that we like but we're not sure about:
    Noah - Noah Swan sounded fine at first but now we just hear 'Know a swan.'
    Aidan - we're not fussed about popularity (if we love it - we'll use it) but the -an ending with Swan doesn't work that well.

    We also like Harry but we're unsure because Harry Swan sounds like Hairy Swan, so we're not sure about that one haha!

    So we'd love to hear what you think of our list so far. And if you have any suggestions that you think work with Swan, then we'd be really happy to hear them!

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    Oliver Swan is lovely, I think it is my favorite, followed by Henry and Elijah. I think all the names go really well with Swan. Trevor is nms, so it's my least favorite and "nn Trey Swan" doesn't sound so great. But I like ALL the other names you've picked except for that one.
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    From your list I'd vote

    Oliver Swan
    Leo Swan
    Reuben Swan (Though I've always preferred Ruben)
    Top 20
    Rafferty~Leo(Leander)~Tobin~Archie(Archer)~Ike(Mic ah)

    Willa(Wilhelmina)~Selah~Lettie(Arletta)~Romy(Rosem ary)~Cora(Coretta)
    Cecelia/Celia~Calla(Calista)~Nola(Magnolia)~Winnie(Winola) ~Maeve
    Rosalie~Maisy~Tilly(Matilda)~Ada(Adelaide)~Junie(J uniper)

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    I think Anthony Swan sounds classy.

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    These sound fantastic with the last name Swan: Oliver, Henry, Anthony, Reuben, Andrew, Elijah

    Leo means "lion," and Lion Swan is a bit strange to me. Trevor Swan reminds me of "troubled swan" for some reason? Anyway, Oliver, Anthony, and Elijah would be my top choices.
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