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    Boys This, That, or The Other One

    Pick your favorite from each group. Write "none" if you don't like any of the choices.

    Alec, Archer, or Asa
    Brendan, Bastian, or Benjamin
    Cullen, Cormac, or Cian
    Dexter, Damon, or Donovan
    Emmett, Evander, or Evan
    Felix, Ford, or Fletcher
    George, Graham/Graeme, or Gage
    Hadrian, Hugh, or Heath
    Ian, Idris, or Ivan
    James, Jack, or Jasper
    Killian, Kai, or Kingston
    Leander, Lorcan, or Lucas
    Malcolm, Miles, or Mathias
    Noah, Niall, or Noel
    Oberon, Owen, or Oscar
    Paul, Pierce, or Phineas
    Quinn, Quentin, or Quinlan
    Rhys, Ronan, or Reid/Reed
    Shepherd, Simon, or Sawyer
    Theo, Tristan, or Teague
    Ulric, Ulysses, or Uri
    Vaughn, Viggo, or Vince
    Walker, Wade, or Wyatt
    Xavier, Xander, or Xerxes
    Yale, Yardley, or Yair
    Zeke, Zane, or Zach
    My little man O.P. arrived 6/15
    TTC #2
    Maeve Noelle-Violet Anneliese-Arianne Lily-Grace Annabel-Claire Juniper-Vivienne Mae-Lucy Violet-Ella Ruby-Anneliese Piper-Nora Lily

    Finn Jameson-Jack Emerson-Emmett Parker-Miles Alden-Rhys Daniel-Cormac Reid-Henry Dean-Brennan Oliver-Cody James-Lucas Fox

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    May 2014
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
    Lyric | Ophelia | Shiloh | Delilah | Everly | Leilani | Fianna | Seraphina | Monet | Meadow | Letty | Sinclaire
    Ezra | River | Jasper | August | Ace | Dominick | Abel | Lincoln | Jett | Silas | Lucien | Maverick | Beau

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    May 2013
    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    Jul 2013
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Nov 2013
    Mommy to two beautiful baby boys!
    Griffin Adam & Ethan Edgar
    Favorite girls names: Mirabelle Irene, Aurora Faye, Seraphina Louise, Cordelia Isobel, Serena Lux, Rosamund Fable, Elowen Phoenix, Evelyn Willow, Calliope Eve

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