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  • Evelyn

    13 54.17%
  • Evelina

    11 45.83%
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    Evelyn or Evelina?

    Which one is prettier? If you can, can you suggest middle names?
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    I think Evelyn is a stunning name although it's getting more and more popular recently. Normally, I'd say go for a more unexpected name (i.e. Evelina), but I don't really like Evelina as much, so I voted for Evelyn. Middle name suggestions:

    Evelyn Alice
    Evelyn Belle
    Evelyn Blythe
    Evelyn Charlotte
    Evelyn Jane
    Evelyn Margaret
    Evelyn Maude
    Evelyn Pearl

    Probably avoid the obvious middles - Evelyn Grace, Evelyn May, Evelyn Rose, etc - and choose something more unexpected!
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    I love both, but a I guess I'll choose Evelina, simply because Evelyn is quite popular here. As for middles, maybe:
    Evelina Fleur
    Evelina Astrid (I also have Evelyn Astrid as middles for one of my combos)
    Evelina Fae/Faye
    Evelina Guinevere
    Evelina Antoinette
    Evelina Belle
    Evelina Beth
    Evelina Charlotte
    Evelina Marianne
    Evelina Magdalene
    Evelina Imogen
    Evelina Florence
    Evelina Constance
    Evelina Cecilia
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    Evelina. Becaude I know way too many Evelyns and am a fan of -lina names generally.
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