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    Margaret or Helen?

    My husband and I can't decide if we like Margaret Helen or Helen Margaret...we love both names. Both are family names (one from each side). Margaret definitely wins in the nickname department, but Helen alone is so lovely sounding to me. I don't want to give our daughter an "old lady" name, but I also want to give her a strong classic name that isn't the usual dime-a-dozen Emily. Thoughts?

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    I would go with Margaret Helen. Like you said, Margaret has many nicknames and even though it's a classic, it doesn't sound too old because of the nickname. I think Helen sounds like more of an old lady name but goes great as a middle name and still pays homage to your relative.
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    Agree! Margaret Helen is beautiful

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    I'd go for Margaret Helen.
    May I ask which Margaret nickname you intend to use? I personally love Maisie.

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    We like Maggie as a nickname.

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