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Thread: Edith

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    Jul 2014
    I love the nn Edie. It's one of my favorites.

    Edith is uncommon but familiar enough that she could stand out from the crowd AND people would say her name right.

    I think it has a certain charm, it's pretty but with a certain dignity. I biased towards old people names, of course, but I say go for it! I like it.
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    Right down there w/Ardith, Ethel, Gertrude, Hazel, Mabel, and Beulah, for me.

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    Not a fan.....sorry! Edith is my MIL's name so it's hard to picture on a little girl. Edie is a cute nickname though.

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    There's nothing wrong with it. I prefer Enid.
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    I love Edith! I'm not entirely sure why, I just love vintage names, and names containing 'th'. Plus Edie is adorable!
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