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    Naming rules! How close is too close with similar names to nieces?


    I'm new to all this and wondered if anyone had an opinion on using similar names to nieces?

    We love the idea of naming our little girl Wren Alicia (or Alicia Wren!), but one of my partners nieces is named Georgia Alyssa... too close?

    We also really like the name Orla, but with one niece on each side of the family names Isla that feels little similar too!!

    Any thoughts or comments welcome... You might even save us an argument!


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    I don't think Wren Alicia or Alicia Wren are too close to Georgia Alyssa at all! If it were Alyssa and Alicia both as firsts, it'd be a different story.

    Orla and Isla is matchier, imo. How about Oona?

    I've been having the same struggle with Sylvie and Sophie. I think they are too close for cousins, but my SIL (Sophie's mom) doesn't think so, so I've kept it on the list.

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    Middle names don't count unless they're used in place of the first name, IMO. I have a cousin whose first name is the same as another cousin's middle name, and it's no big deal. I also have a brother & cousin with the same middle name.

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    Unless Georgia Alyssa is called Alyssa, I don't think Wren Alicia or Alicia Wren would be too close to it.

    Isla and Orla are trickier... at that point I might ask how often the cousins would be likely to see each other. If it's an annual visit, I'd say it wouldn't be a big deal. If they'd have weekly playdates, maybe a problem.

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    I agree with the others - it's not too close unless she goes by Alyssa, but even then you could just go with Wren Alicia. Either way, I prefer Wren. It's beautiful!

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