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    Baby Girl Monroe Needs Middle Name

    My hubby and I love the name Monroe for our daughter that is due in two weeks but we can't find a middle name that flows as well as her sisters (Paisley Jane)
    We are considering Monroe Bliss but feel it's kind of choppy.
    Any suggestions?
    Are two syllable iambic names the way to go?
    We just want it to flow!

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    I like the idea of sticking with the one-syllable mn.

    Monroe Bea
    Monroe Pearl
    Monroe Eve
    Monroe Lise
    Love love talking names... my 'style' is more classic but I do love some surprising choices too...
    DD1 born April 2013 has a mainstream name honouring 4 lines of her heritage + 2 mns (2nd is my surname)

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    Hmmm... How about?

    Monroe Elise
    Monroe Kate
    Monroe Selene
    Monroe Celeste
    Monroe Maeve (not sure how you feel about alliteration)
    Monroe Claire
    Monroe Helene

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