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    Does My Taste In Girls Names Make Me Totally Insane?

    While I really have no explanation for it, my taste in girls names has maintained it's vintage style, but, it's also now headed down a slippery slope of clunky choices that most people would run away screaming from. There are some names that I like but won't add to my list, because I know they're bordering on "child cruelty" to most people (yes, I have seen the child cruelty comment before), but there are also some that I've quickly fallen in love with, even though most people would question my sanity if they saw my list.

    I guess what I'm asking is, do these newest additions to my list make me entirely insane? Or at least seem insane for considering them? Haha.


    (And I actually don't mind Bertha and Edna either.)
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    Absolutely not! They have all been used previously for a reason, no? While not all of them are to my taste (which doesn't matter at all), they are all lovely names, and anyone who comments that it is 'child cruelty' clearly doesn't know what that is, and needs to check their priorities. I think you have a wonderful old world style, and you should be proud of that.

    My favourites:
    Doris- I used to not like it, but you have single handedly changed my mind.
    Myrtle- Ditto Doris.

    I would personally love to have any one of these names: you should definitely stick to your guns!
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    Definitely not insane. I like Bessie, Ethel (character in my fave book), Mildred, Minnie, Florrie, and Frances (Love!!!). That's not to mention Phyllis, Millicent, Constance, Dora, Hyacinth, and Purdey, which could all be classed as clunky vintage names, but that I love! It's not insanity, it's a brilliant name style.
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    I've noticed that you seem to doubt yourself a lot- don't. You're allowed to like whatever you want to like! Liking something that other people don't doesn't make you insane- it just makes you you. If you really really love those names, I don't think you should let others' opinions stop you. Those names aren't "cruel," they're just not aligned with the current style. If you were to name your daughter Frances, she'd totally rock it and make it look beautiful to someone who may have once thought it was ugly. The point is- no, you're not insane. As long as a name was picked with love and care, it's beautiful.
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    Everybody has their own taste! Yours is a really nice bunch of clunky, vintage name and I don't think you are insane (although, that doesn't mean a lot coming from me!).

    I adore the name Minnie (my little niece's name, her sister is called Mitzi which I also love). I've always loved the names Doris and Dottie, don't know why, I just find there to be something lovely and charming about the names.

    None of the names on your list count as "child cruelty", I always find it extremely rude and ignorant when people say that. I understand that giving children some names is very mean but child cruelty seems excessive.
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