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    Un-common Bible Names?!?

    Hello! We are due in December with baby #2. While we are not sure yet if baby bean is a boy or girl, we are contemplating names. DH and I are fans of Bible/Hebrew names with strong meanings, that are not super common (i.e. Judah or Noah), yet not really out there (Methuselah or Hezekiah). Our first son is Joel Francis (Francis being a family name). Thus far, we have thrown around Zachariah, Isaac, and Simeon...although I'm not completely sold on any of them. What are your thoughts on those names? Also, please give suggestions of other Biblical/Hebrew boy names! (Names out of play (already used in the family): Joel, Ezekiel, Solomon, Joshua, James, Judah, Malachi, Calib, Israel, Amos, Micah, Peter, Mark) Last name is Campbell. Thanks for the help!
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    if you like Simeon, what about Gideon?
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    Our son is Job. That's not common, I can assure you! and Joel and Job might sound nice.

    I also like Gideon, Michaiah, Annanias, and Silas.
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    I like Isaac (although pretty common) and Simeon.

    I really like-


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