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    Multiple Madness (With Dice & Namebank)

    It's a miracle! Over the course of twelve years, you've gotten pregnant several times - each time with a set of multiples! Roll the dice ( twice and add the two numbers together to determine how many times you've become pregnant.

    For each pregnancy, roll the 12-sided dice to determine how many multiples you give birth to. If you get a 1, roll again.

    Roll the dice again to determine the genders of your babies. If the number is 1-6, that baby is a girl. If it's 7-12, it's a boy.



    Andromeda, Pomona, Delphina, Rhiannon, Elisavetta, Rhiane, Vienna, Bell, Valencia, Indira, Shoshana, Sage, Alcyone, Isis, Dolores Andela, Lorelei, Aurora, Dione, Luna, Morrigan, Pandora, Genevieve, Ayelet, Lola, Persephone, Valentina, Desdemona, Ramona, Dorothea, Adelaide, Snow, Arden, Debora, Eliza, Seraphina, Blair, Zosia, Annalisa, Dolores, Jane, Delilah, Madeleine, Sohvi, Cosette, Alexandria, Charlotte, Evangeline, Isadora, Arianna, Ember, Savannah, Acacia, Saoirse, Everly, Adora, Alora, Felicity, Eve, Rosalyn, Azalea, Gwendolen, Guinevere, Amoret, Noa, Meliora, Leora, Ondine, Odessa, Kerensa, Winnifred, Tegwen, Karina, Andorra, Arianell, Rhapsody, Elinor, Crystal, Kiersten, Kirsten, Winter, Elowen, Aspen, Magdalen, Violetta, Finola, Auden, December, Lula, Sailor, Wendy, Posy, Ireland, Adelina, Fallon, Haven, Holland, Soleil, Geneva, Aislinn, Aviana, Natasha, Angelina, Carolina, Serenity


    Deacon, Atticus, Jude, Freddie, Xander, Andy, Zander, Joel, Rowan, Scott, Lennon, Joshua, Connor, Ronan, Lear, Finn, Finnegan, Jack, Dexter, Bowie, Aleph, Dillon, Harrison, Leo, Jonah, Colin, Felix, William, Logan, Xavier, Johnny, Theo, Teodoro, Levi, Rudolf, Max, Mack, Maximo, Lincoln, Henry, Ledgend, Bowen, Linden, Luca, Sutter, Daniel, Axel, Leif, Cody, Lennox, Dorian, Elazer, Azriel, Seamus, Elias, Loch, Donnelly, Loch, Booker, Toby, Tennyson, Beacon, Rohan, Zack, Oliver, Nick, James, Patrick, Gabriel, Owen, Henry, Ethan, Asher, Dashiell, Arrow, Archer, Ezra, Bohdi, Greyson, Grayson, Austin, Nash, Rhys, Rhett, Louis, Ledger, Hendrix, Ace, Ian, Parker, Asa, Aiden, Ellis, Bram, Jagger, Lev, Leiv, Lorcan, Jonas, Dean, Stephen, Breaker, Sean, Leonardo, Huck, Dash, Phelan, Flint, Foster, Jameson, Valor, Brendon, Lionel, Nate, Benson, Lane, Axton, Lonan, Potter, Lowell, Zeppelin, Noel, Daxton, Leland, Jet
    Or find "Humphrey" on

    This is a story about a lot of things.

    Things like bluebirds and Harbingers, ukuleles and fancy bicycles, old people, young people, poetry, friends and neighbors, parties and Christmas gifts, stolen things and lost things, dancing, terrible singing, guilt, angry people and sad people, but also happy people, nursing homes, smiling, and above all, an old man named Humphrey.


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    3+5=8 pregnancies

    Pregnancy 1:
    DS: Jack Lonan
    DD: Sage Andromeda
    DS: Colin Henry
    DS: Archer William
    DS: Ronan Dexter
    DD: Vienna Belle
    DD: Isis Finola
    DD: Lorelei Jane
    DD: Holland Soleil
    DD: Luna Genevieve
    DD: Charlotte Rhiannon

    Pregnancy 2:
    DD: Aurora Delphina
    DS: Leland Scott
    DD: Eliza Rosalyn
    DS: Joel Finnegan
    DS: Seamus Conner
    DD: Delilah Eve

    Pregnancy 3:
    DS: Harrison Flint
    DS: Rhett Lionel
    DD: Adelaide Snow
    DS: Xander Greyson

    Pregnancy 4:
    DD: Blair Savannah
    DD: Azalea Dolores
    DS: Linden Hendrix
    DD: Rhiane Desdemona "Ryan"
    DS: Louis Rhys
    DS: Gabriel Lear
    DS: Sean Patrick
    DD: Ireland Lola

    Pregnancy 5:
    DS: Andy Joshua
    DD: Seraphina Posy
    DD: Noa Evangeline
    DS: Logan Xavier

    Pregnancy 6:
    DD: Acacia Guinevere
    DS: Leo Jagger
    DS: Dashiell Toby
    DD: Felicity Debora
    DD: Lula Serenity
    DS: Owen Daniel
    DD: Violetta Crystal
    DS: Asher Leif
    DD: Fallon Natasha

    Pregnancy 7:
    DS: Dorian Bowie
    DD: Alexandria Ember
    DS: Jonah Felix
    DD: Angelina Ayelet

    Pregnancy 8:
    DS: Ian Johnny
    DD: Zosia Sohvi
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, aspiring writer, high school who cares? It's summer!,
    and, most importantly, name obsessed
    ♕Dancing Queens♕
    Lila Persephone|Violet Evangeline|Maeve Ottilie|Iris Magdalene|Eden Tatiana
    Athena Rowan|Nola Xanthe|Sadie Rosalind|Saela Vesper|Talia Emmeline

    ♔Soccer Kings♔
    Leo Sebastian|Jasper Elias|Archer Murray|August Laurence|Nolan Shepherd
    The rest is under construction

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    Pregnancy #1:
    DD: Ramona Sage
    DS: Dashiell Jude

    Pregnancy #2:
    DD: Zosia Jane
    DS: Luca Xavier

    Pregnancy #3:
    DD: Lorelei Winter
    DD: Genevieve Luna
    DD: Isadora Soleil
    DS: Felix Archer
    DD: Saoirse Madeleine
    DS: Rhys Finnegan
    DS: Lionel Greyson
    DD: Elinor Acacia

    Pregnancy #4:
    DD: Indira Cosette
    DD: Rosalyn Alora

    Pregnancy #5:
    DS: Jameson Valor
    DD: Evangeline Posy
    DS: Atticus Jonah
    DD: Dorothea Blair
    DS: Gabriel Rowan
    DD: Eliza Rhiannon
    DS: Oliver Seamus
    DD: Adelina Charlotte
    DD: Seraphina Aislinn

    Pregnancy #6:
    DS: William Dexter
    DS: Ronan Joshua
    DD: Aurora Wendy
    DS: Ezra Patrick
    DS: Henry Lorcan
    DD: Felicity Arden

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