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    What are some ways to honor a Sylvia without directly using the name?

    My grandmother Sylvia passed away 6 years ago, but I was very close to her growing up. My husband and I are usually not fans of using family names, but if I were going to honor anyone at all, it would be my grandma. I like the name Sylvia, but love many other names and would like my child to have their own first name. However, I just don't think Sylvia sounds very good in the middle with any of the names that I like, and flow is a big deal to me. I will most likely call my children by both names frequently, so I want something that rolls off the tongue.

    Right now, our top girl's names are:

    Aurelia (pr. Au-Ray-lee-ah)-My husband loves this one, but I feel that it will get mispronounced.
    Ivy (Although it is becoming a bit trendy for my liking)

    Camille Sylvia isn't that bad, but I don't like the way the repeated L sounds clash, and I have other names that I prefer with Camille. My husband can't stand the variant Sylvie (too bad -_-), so that's out as an option.

    Note: I am not pregnant yet, but would like to have children in the next year or so. We're just planning ahead.

    Thanks! : )

    Edit: Also, our last name is a common one-syllable patronymic name beginning with H.
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    Sylvanie is an option. It's a name mentioned in Hugo's Les Miserables (the book).

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    For a boy, how about Silver? If you like that sort of thing (I do).
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    You can use the variants Sylvianne, Sylviette, Silveria, Sylvanna, Silva, Sylvinnia, Silvaine, Silvania, Silveria, Sylvinia, or Sylvonna.
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I just don't love any of the variants of Sylvia that much. The only thing I do like is Silas (has the same meaning as Sylvia) for a boy, but it clashes with our surname.

    Do you think another S name would be stretching it too far. I like the name Simone, and I think it pairs well with a few of my name choices...but does it seem too unrelated to Sylvia to be an honor?

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