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    I vastly prefer Everett. Clark is plain to me.

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    They are both great names, you can't go wrong! I would be influenced by what fits in best with the first name you've chosen and your last name.

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    I absolutely love the name Clark. Both Everett and Clark are old family names in my family and only Everett has resurfaced in this generation. I would really like to meet a little Clark. Congrats on your new baby boy and good luck with your choice! Both are great names.

    Just a side note- my grandfather was Clark. He was so handsome and talented! I can never separate the name Clark from the image of a fresh faced young man smiling and being goofy!
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    Congratulations on your little boy! I prefer Everett. Clark makes me think of an older man.
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    I'm not trying to fish for information, but Everett and Clark have very different sounds to me and I find it hard to pick one without knowing the baby's first name or surname. If you could share one or both of those, or describe them in some way (for example, "first name is three syllables and starts with L") I think that would be helpful. (If you're not comfortable sharing that it's totally understandable. And I apologize if you've done this previously and don't want to bother doing it again - I'm new here.)

    Without knowing the rest of the name, I will say that I slightly prefer Clark as I have a strong "old man" association with Everett. However, if the first and/or last name has a lot of "K" sounds already, I might go with Everett.

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