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    Quote Originally Posted by zoz_zoz View Post
    ...I just want to find a name that is classy and elegant, yet somehow simple and pretty, fun and adventurous. Tough, yet kind. Intelligent and humble; Nostalgic yet futuristic, and classic yet unique...

    For whatever reason I think the name Violet embodies all of those traits and I want to find a middle name that does the same or comes close.
    I get what you are saying about looking for a name that is as awesome as Violet - itโ€™s going to be tough. Have you considered looking for a complimentary mn? Maybe something that strengthens your favorite characteristics of Violet or one that speaks to something Violet is weaker in? I tend to look for names that compliment each other but that add depth and another meaning. It might be easier to find something you love when you arenโ€™t trying to match something you adore!

    Suggestions for a classy, elegant, simple, pretty, fun, adventurous, tough, kind, intelligent, humble, nostalgic, futuristic, classic and unique mn: (Challenge Accepted! - Sorry for repeats.)

    Classy/Classic and Elegant and Unique:
    Violet Katerina (similar to your Violet Katherine combo but with an international spin)
    Violet Elora
    Violet Miren

    Simple, Pretty, Fun and Adventurous:
    Violet Elise/ Violet Alice
    Violet June
    Violet Noor

    Tough, Kind, Intelligent, and Humble:
    Violet Paloma
    Violet Alexandra/ Violet Alessandra (for a softer/more international flair)
    Violet Haven

    Nostalgic and Futuristic:
    Violet Elena/ Violet Helena
    Violet Minerva
    Violet Arietty

    PS: My very first thought when I hear all those adjectives are these Araminta and Mavis - neither of which work as a mn for Violet, but I thought Iโ€™d put them out there as they would make nice sibling names.
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    I personally have also loved the combos Violet Olivia, and Violet Noelle. I also like PP Violet Elise.
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