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    If I had TRIPLETS today

    I'm sure this has been done before, but I'm kind of in the mood for it so here it is!

    If I had Triplets today I would name them Kavanaugh West, Huckston Tanner, and Devereaux Levi

    G/G/G: Chase Alexis, Karsyn Lily, and Stormleigh

    G/B/B: Easton Grace, Kaine Mikah, and Kannon Bauer

    B/B/G: Atkin Ramsey, Raiden Maxwell, and Oaklynn Jo
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    B/B/B: Geoffrey, Malachi, and Patrick aka Geo, Kai, and Pax

    B/B/G: Geoffrey, Malachi, and Bridget aka Geo, Kai, and Bree

    B/G/G: Malachi, Bridget, and Ivanna. Aka Kai, Bree, and Ivy

    G/G/G: Bridget, Ivanna, and Damaris aka Bree, Ivy, and Demi(or rhys)

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