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    Brother for Annika and Louisa

    I am looking for a boys name to go with my two daughter's names as they are due a baby brother later this year!

    I like classic names with no pronunciation issues (I've had so many of then with Annika (Ann-nick-ah) and I don't think I can take anymore!). I like Henry and Miles but my husband doesn't. He would like a Scottish name. The only common ground we can find is Hamish but neither of us are completely convinced by it. Alexander is a family name but I'm worried that there are already too many little Alex's in the world.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

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    I like Alexander nn Xander even though it is becoming popular. I think Annika, Louisa and Xander make a great sibset.

    I'm assuming the Scottish version of Alexander is out due to pronounciation issues.
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    I think that Xander does sound good with the girls names but would definitely use Alexander on the birth certificate.

    I do like Alasdair too which is the scottish form of Alexander. We live in scotland so we could definitely get away with that one!

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    Annika, Louisa, and Collin sound like a good sibset to me.

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