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Thread: Alpha-Children

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    This is basically a CAF(create a family) name game with the son and daughter names correlating to the alphabet.
    note: If you are using all three names for a child(first, with two middles) you don't have to use them in corresponding alphabetical order. if the options are ABC for the initials, and you wish to use all three names, you can choose BAC, CBA, ACB, etc. If you only use a first with one middle, it must be in order, whether it is A B or A C, or B C.

    choose the parents names and optional surname*

    Name children with desired number of middles*


    Son: Anders Alaric Alex Amias Ashton Austin Archer Azrael Adriel

    Bennett Blake Benjamin Blaine Beckett Brennan Broderick Bradley Brady

    Carter Callum Chance Clayton Cole Colton Charles Caleb Cody

    D: Damaris Delia Delilah Dora Dori Dale Deidre Demi Deloris Daly

    Eve Eva Elle Ellis Emme Emberly Emmalyn Elinor

    Florence Faye Ferris Francis Fiona Farrell Felicity

    Son: Garrett Gareth Gavin Grey Geoffrey Gregory Giovanni Gianni

    Hayden Hayes Holland Hendrix Heath Harrison

    Isaac Ivan Imani Indio Islander Isaiah Ian

    Son: Jonathan Jacob Jedediah Jericho Jace Jude Josiah Joseph James

    Kent Keith Kyle Kenneth Kai Kipling Kendrick

    Levi Louis Leighton Leveritt Leo Lennox Liam

    D: Maeve Mavis Margaret Mallory Melody Melanie Marlow Miriam

    Naomi Nola Nicolette Nica Nova Novelle Novalyn Nadia North

    Olivia Odessa Octavia Ora Odelle Opal Olympia

    D: Peri Phoenix Phyllis Penrose Paris Phelan Patti Patrice

    Quinn Quinlan Quartz Quaid

    Raquelle Rosemarie Rebekah Rebecca Robin Robyn Rowen Rhys Reese Ruby

    D: Shannon Sharon Sarai Sienna Savannah Seth Samantha

    Terri True Tori Tierra Tienna Teresa Tavia Thea Thora Tabitha Tierney Tiernan Ty Tyler Tay

    Unity Ulani Ulissa Uma Umber

    D: Veronica Vanessa Victoria Viveca Vivian Verity

    Wendy Wendell Whitney West Wallis Waverley

    Yasmin Yvette Yvonne Yra Yndie Yra Yris Ysobel Yolani

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