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Thread: Name question

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    I think you guys are safe. Evelyn is a BEAUTIFUL name. Go for it!
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    No they are not too similar and I don't they anyone would make that connection especially since she doesn't use her middle name on a regular basis.
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    I personally don't find the connection in them, but if it's to the point where you/your husband can't look at or hear the name without thinking of Amy Lynn, then I'd advise you not to choose it.
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    If Lynn is her middle name and she rarely uses it, not many people will know it. Mostly just her family, who I'm assuming you're not really in touch with any more? Even if there are still mutual friends, it's not something that will come up.

    Also, there's no way anyone would ever think your daughter was named for her father's ex-wife.

    Evelyn will become your daughter's name and your first reference with the name, and other people with the name Lynn or even Evelyn will be a second thought if you think of them at all. So use Evelyn if that's the name you love.
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    Evelyn "Ev-ie" is very pretty and elegant. DH and I have a relative with a little girl named Evelyn "Eve," the same age as our son. "Eve" is a gorgeous little dolly with white-blonde Shirley Temple curls. Too cute! The other Evelyn's I know are about 80, 30, and 18. I like Evelyn because it is timeless and a woman can wear it well her entire life. If you love it, go for it!
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