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Thread: B Names!

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    B Names!

    I've decided on Blythe, Bronwyn for the older sisters as well as a very young girl called Bluebell (Blue), named by her slightly older brother. I need a name for the brother but I can't decide between these few:

    Bastien, Bastian, Bentley, Beau, Bram, Bradley

    I'm open to more suggestions for an adorable young boy!
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    Girls:Vesper Novella Pearl, Elke Esmeralda Snow, Nanetta Yuki Florence, Rowena Fern, Artemis Opal Owl, Cappi Theodora Sun, Dagny Petra, Oona Owl, Mary Max, Frances Henriette, Edwige Garnet, Flora Clemency, Alberta Benilde, Lolly Agnes, Bunny Maude, Ginger?, Lumi Faye, Dossie Moe, Agnessa ?, Capella Happy.

    Boys:Roland Basil, Magnus Owl, Linus Robert, Frodi Lou, Obi Prosper, Enzo Noble, Cello Floyd, Dougal Morris, Horatio Albert, Grover ?, Hubert Walter, Rufus Rex, John ?, Joe Lazarus, Bede ?.

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    Bianca, Beau, and Belle/a or Bianca, Benato, and Berenice

    Bethany, Brianna, and Beckham

    Bay, Bo, and Bree

    Benda or Benke, Bettany, and Bijou

    Blythe, Blossom, and Bliss

    Barnaby, Bellamy, and Beatice

    Bonnie, Betty/ie, and Benny or Bobby

    Bram, Bridgette, and Breona

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

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