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Thread: B Names!

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    B Names!

    I've decided on Blythe, Bronwyn for the older sisters as well as a very young girl called Bluebell (Blue), named by her slightly older brother. I need a name for the brother but I can't decide between these few:

    Bastien, Bastian, Bentley, Beau, Bram, Bradley

    I'm open to more suggestions for an adorable young boy!
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    Mary, Esther, Camellia, Susanna, Mabel, Theodora, Magnolia, Yuki, Dossie, Ida, Rosemary, Francesca, Constance, Raphaela. .

    Amias, Ignatius, Abraham, Horatio, Dossie, Moses, Matthias, Edgar, Rex, Lionel, Shepherd, Frederick, Barnabas, Donovan, Bellamy, Quincy, Pello, Vincent, Linus, Wolfgang, Bertie.

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    Bianca, Beau, and Belle/a or Bianca, Benato, and Berenice

    Bethany, Brianna, and Beckham

    Bay, Bo, and Bree

    Benda or Benke, Bettany, and Bijou

    Blythe, Blossom, and Bliss

    Barnaby, Bellamy, and Beatice

    Bonnie, Betty/ie, and Benny or Bobby

    Bram, Bridgette, and Breona

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

    In loving memory of Margot

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