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Thread: B Names!

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    B Names!

    I've decided on Blythe, Bronwyn for the older sisters as well as a very young girl called Bluebell (Blue), named by her slightly older brother. I need a name for the brother but I can't decide between these few:

    Bastien, Bastian, Bentley, Beau, Bram, Bradley

    I'm open to more suggestions for an adorable young boy!
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    Vesper Opal, Dossie Gardener, Shalom Galilee, Easter Paloma, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia, Aphra Bram, Constance Camellia, Noonan Minnie, Tabitha Painter, Paloma Opal, Betty Calloway, Yuki Magnolia, Frances Dove, Gardenia Philou, Malou Anouk, Nancy Opal.

    Dossie Gardener, Bertram Beloved, Roland Basil, Gerald Dove, Obadiah Dove, Amadeus Andrew, Abraham Lou, Thaddeus Noble, Claude Gentle, Enzo Raphael, Shalom Gentle, Zebedee Shalom, Shepherd Andrew, Morris Noble, Beacon Cassiel.

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    Bianca, Beau, and Belle/a or Bianca, Benato, and Berenice

    Bethany, Brianna, and Beckham

    Bay, Bo, and Bree

    Benda or Benke, Bettany, and Bijou

    Blythe, Blossom, and Bliss

    Barnaby, Bellamy, and Beatice

    Bonnie, Betty/ie, and Benny or Bobby

    Bram, Bridgette, and Breona

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

    In loving memory of Margot

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