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    HELP needed to name our THIRD baby girl...


    What do you think of the names below? Can you please help us choose a name for our third baby girl...

    Our last name is 'Power'...

    Kingsley or Kingslee

    We'd like honest opinions - outside of our family on how these names sound or will be precieved.. we're expecting in July - thanks so much!

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    I like Angelica best with the surname Power. Angelica Elise, Angelica Lauren or Angelica Celine would be pretty!!
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    Honestly, names like Angel and Trinity often come off as chavvy or lower-class. It's not necessarily fair or right, but, honestly, that's the image that many perceive it as. Particularly with a surname like Power, "Angel Power" almost seems like a crude joke, like "Flower Power."
    Kingsley has a very male sound; the -lee ending doesn't make it any more feminine. It's a surname, and when used as a first name, I've only seen it on boys. It's on the flip-side of the holier-than-thou, ultra-feminine angel; it's bulky and a heavy burden of a name to bear, magnified so again due to your last name.
    That leaves Angelica, which also has a very in-your-face sound. It packs a punch. I think it's the fact that the word "angelic" is literally almost the entire name.
    What I'd suggest for you is the name Angelina or Angeline: both of these names have a soft, feminine sound, have that coveted Angel syllable, without the bad associations or heavy burden that comes along with a holy deity or some kind of power. Angeline and Angelina are both gorgeous names.
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    Angelica definitely!
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    Angelica would be my pick. The other names don't really go well with your surname.
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