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    I think of Harry Potter, but it isn't a bad association. If you plan to have more children then I don't think it's a big deal at all.
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    Yeah, it's probably just the two. I'm not dead-set against George, but so far it's the only name that we both like and has that same quirky-classic feel to it (I'm a little more adventerous, Hubs is pretty traditional). Some options that got cut: Max is our dog, there's a new Henry in the family, and we both adore Sam, but it rhymes with our last name. We've also talked about Arthur, Louis, Walter (I'm a bit "eh" on this one, but Hubs likes it), and Homer --which I like and he hates.

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    As a Harry Potter fan I say Yes YeS YES!!

    I love the names together on their own with their old charm, and George being the name of the new prince, it reminds me of royalty. I think the connection to Harry Potter is also very sweet as the characters are charming and one of my favorites.
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    I thought of the HP twins when I saw the names together, depends on how much that bothers you.

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    I think they're fine together and most people won't realise.
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