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    Nameberry Time Capsule July 17 2014

    The majority in the previous thread were for a Nameberry time capsule thread, so here it is!

    Leave a post with:
    • Current Top Ten Names For Each Gender
    • Current Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Names
    • Current #1 Boys Combination
    • Current #1 Girls Combination

    • Where do you hope to see yourself in a year(children, job, school, etc...)?
    • A message to yourself.

    This thread will be locked in 7 days and it will be reopened exactly one year from the closed date.

    Just realized I has the wrong closing date listed! Thread will close Thursday(6/17) at 6PM Eastern Time Zone.
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    Dany (Also known as Athena Danielle)
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    Rosemary Gloria ~ Petra Madeleine~ Lilith Seraphine
    Alaric Matthew ~ Henry Marcellus ~ Sebastian Rhys ~ Giles Edmund

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    Alright, here goes.

    Top 10 boy names: Samuel, Edward, George, Arthur, Ezra, Gideon, James, Quentin, Solomon, Jasper
    Top 10 girl names: Helen, Cora, Anne, Jane, Caroline, Catherine, Gwen, Georgia, Elizabeth, Lydia

    10 guilty pleasures: Balthazar, Constantine, Evander, Raphael, Zebedee, Guinevere, Hermione, Illyria, Lavender, Minerva

    Boy combination: Samuel (my surname) or Edward Solomon
    Girl combination: Helen (my surname) or Jane Callaway/Cosima

    Where I want to be in a year: Outside, enjoying a lovely summer day. Another year of college under my belt and hopefully some idea of where I want to go with that. I hope I've visited new places and enjoyed new things. And, like, maybe I'll have been on an awesome date. An awesome date sounds really nice.

    A message to myself: Remember, Emily, you love new experiences even if they unsettle you at first. Stop acting like your father. Go with the flow. Visit G and ask her to tell you a story. Give Grover a big hug right now.
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    Emily, 19, Southeastern US.
    College student, name nerd, and generally geeky.
    ♂ | Samuel Edward George Arthur Ezra Gideon James
    ♀ | Jane Helen Anne Cora Phoebe Gwen Catherine

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    Top 10 for boys: Ernest, Neville, Harry, Albert, Matthew, Percy, Walter, Richard, Henry, James
    Top 10 for girls: Minnie, Florence/Florrie, Martha, Ethel, Amelie, Bessie, Nellie, Agatha, Violet, Doris (and maybe Lily)

    Top 10 guilty pleasures (boys): Niall, Addison, Emerson, Emery, Aubrey, August, Blake, Dylan, Ashton, Darren
    Top 10 guilty pleasures (girls): Lucille, Dottie, Nettie, Kitty, Dolly, Lillie, Mildred, Hermione, Posy, Betty

    Current #1 Boys Combination: Ernest Matthew/Richard Evelyn
    Current #1 Girls Combination: Florence Amelia/Nellie Katherine
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    Florence, Edith, Doris, Alice, Elsie, Lillian, Violet, Mabel, Ada, Evelyn
    Eva, Edna, Minnie, Martha, Amelia, Phoebe, Sylvia, Hazel, Agatha, Beatrice

    Matthew, Ernest, Louis, Christopher, Andrew, Albert, George, Joshua, James, Harry
    Freddie, Henry, Adam, Teddy, Daniel, Percy, Mark, Walter, Stanley, Liam

    when you've been fighting for it all your life, you've been struggling every day and night,
    it's how a superhero learns to fly

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Top 10 for boys: Caleb, Everett, Jack, Avery, Grant, Samuel, Zane, Addison, Leo, and Bailey (I think!)
    Top 10 for girls: Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Emmeline, Lillian, Charlotte, Catherine, Eleni, and Eleanor (I think! Eva, Tess, or Winter could easily replace Eleanor at this point...)

    Top GPs: Ophelia, Hadley, Jocelyn, Sonata, Madelief, Kirill, Balthasar, (Avery, Addison, and Bailey? I honestly don't know if I have the guts to use them!)

    Current #1 boys' combo: Caleb Elias Joseph
    Current #1 girls' combo: Isabelle Aurora Grace

    Where I want to be in a year: Oh, goodness, I don't even know. Out of Panera, in a happy place, closer to having my loans paid off (unless, barring a miracle, they ALL get paid off!), and, if I'm really, really lucky, doing something that makes more of an eternal difference than what I'm doing right now. The whole "living a life that leaves a legacy" sort of thing that I dreamed of when I was younger doesn't seem like it's any less attainable than it is right now. :/ I would say adopting/starting my own family, but I think that's farther down the road than just one year. And going on a date? Just maybe? I don't need to be married or even engaged, but having one little measly date might be nice. Seeing the trajectory of my life, though, I don't know if any of this will be possible. :/

    A message to myself: Never lose sight of hope/faith/trust--both in my future, and in God.

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    Next to somewhere.
    Top 10 girls:

    Top 10 boys:
    William "Will"

    GP's (I included some in the other lists):
    Rain [boy]
    Evelyn [boy]
    Kirby (boy)

    Girls combo:
    Elsa Margaret
    Boys combo:
    Finn Cecil

    I hope that, in a year, I'll look back on 8th grade (which I'm going into now) and be proud of myself. I hope to have a major writing project at least a quarter done.

    "Don't lose hope in yourself."
    ~~~In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth~~~

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