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    OPEN: Nameberry Time Capsule July 17 2014

    The majority in the previous thread were for a Nameberry time capsule thread, so here it is!

    Leave a post with:
    • Current Top Ten Names For Each Gender
    • Current Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Names
    • Current #1 Boys Combination
    • Current #1 Girls Combination

    • Where do you hope to see yourself in a year(children, job, school, etc...)?
    • A message to yourself.

    This thread will be locked in 7 days and it will be reopened exactly one year from the closed date.

    Just realized I has the wrong closing date listed! Thread will close Thursday(6/17) at 6PM Eastern Time Zone.
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    Considering Beatrix Illyria or Beatrice Illyria...

    Edmund Leander | Peter Orion| Alaric Casimir
    Aleksander Perseus/Perseus Aleksander | Sebastian Rhys | Silas Theodore
    Caspar Frédéric| Gideon Arthur | James Nikodem

    Luna Elisabet Fleur | Isabel Marian Eve | Helen Rosalind
    Lydia Primrose | Charlotte Amara | Freyja Hermione Jade
    Gemma Viviane Lois | Beatrix Lyra | Lilith Seraphine
    Adalind Fox | Katarina Ivy | Maren Annika Lux | Sage | Daisy

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    Alright, here goes.

    Top 10 boy names: Samuel, Edward, George, Arthur, Ezra, Gideon, James, Quentin, Solomon, Jasper
    Top 10 girl names: Helen, Cora, Anne, Jane, Caroline, Catherine, Gwen, Georgia, Elizabeth, Lydia

    10 guilty pleasures: Balthazar, Constantine, Evander, Raphael, Zebedee, Guinevere, Hermione, Illyria, Lavender, Minerva

    Boy combination: Samuel (my surname) or Edward Solomon
    Girl combination: Helen (my surname) or Jane Callaway/Cosima

    Where I want to be in a year: Outside, enjoying a lovely summer day. Another year of college under my belt and hopefully some idea of where I want to go with that. I hope I've visited new places and enjoyed new things. And, like, maybe I'll have been on an awesome date. An awesome date sounds really nice.

    A message to myself: Remember, Emily, you love new experiences even if they unsettle you at first. Stop acting like your father. Go with the flow. Visit G and ask her to tell you a story. Give Grover a big hug right now.
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    Emily | 21 | USA
    Helen ▵ Alice ▵ Jane ▵ Mary ▵ Rose
    Sam ▵ James ▵ Theo ▵ Edward ▵ Ciarán

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    Top 10 for boys: Ernest, Neville, Harry, Albert, Matthew, Percy, Walter, Richard, Henry, James
    Top 10 for girls: Minnie, Florence/Florrie, Martha, Ethel, Amelie, Bessie, Nellie, Agatha, Violet, Doris (and maybe Lily)

    Top 10 guilty pleasures (boys): Niall, Addison, Emerson, Emery, Aubrey, August, Blake, Dylan, Ashton, Darren
    Top 10 guilty pleasures (girls): Lucille, Dottie, Nettie, Kitty, Dolly, Lillie, Mildred, Hermione, Posy, Betty

    Current #1 Boys Combination: Ernest Matthew/Richard Evelyn
    Current #1 Girls Combination: Florence Amelia/Nellie Katherine
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    haley / twenty / ttc 2017

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Top 10 for boys: Caleb, Everett, Jack, Avery, Grant, Samuel, Zane, Addison, Leo, and Bailey (I think!)
    Top 10 for girls: Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Emmeline, Lillian, Charlotte, Catherine, Eleni, and Eleanor (I think! Eva, Tess, or Winter could easily replace Eleanor at this point...)

    Top GPs: Ophelia, Hadley, Jocelyn, Sonata, Madelief, Kirill, Balthasar, (Avery, Addison, and Bailey? I honestly don't know if I have the guts to use them!)

    Current #1 boys' combo: Caleb Elias Joseph
    Current #1 girls' combo: Isabelle Aurora Grace

    Where I want to be in a year: Oh, goodness, I don't even know. Out of Panera, in a happy place, closer to having my loans paid off (unless, barring a miracle, they ALL get paid off!), and, if I'm really, really lucky, doing something that makes more of an eternal difference than what I'm doing right now. The whole "living a life that leaves a legacy" sort of thing that I dreamed of when I was younger doesn't seem like it's any less attainable than it is right now. :/ I would say adopting/starting my own family, but I think that's farther down the road than just one year. And going on a date? Just maybe? I don't need to be married or even engaged, but having one little measly date might be nice. Seeing the trajectory of my life, though, I don't know if any of this will be possible. :/

    A message to myself: Never lose sight of hope/faith/trust--both in my future, and in God.

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    Next to somewhere.
    Top 10 girls:

    Top 10 boys:
    William "Will"

    GP's (I included some in the other lists):
    Rain [boy]
    Evelyn [boy]
    Kirby (boy)

    Girls combo:
    Elsa Margaret
    Boys combo:
    Finn Cecil

    I hope that, in a year, I'll look back on 8th grade (which I'm going into now) and be proud of myself. I hope to have a major writing project at least a quarter done.

    "Don't lose hope in yourself."

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