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    My New Top Names!

    This is in no particular order these are just the current names I really love! What do you think?

    Prudence Shannen
    Piper Holly
    Phoebe Alyssa
    Paige Rose
    Brenda Maria
    Rene Beth
    Winona Veronica
    Aimee Louise
    Shannen Moira
    Carol Anne
    Heather Michele
    Saoirse Susie

    Matthew Alexander
    Harry Earl
    Riley Paul
    Wyatt Jeffrey
    Brandon Jason
    Brodie Bruce
    Dylan Luke
    Seth Woodbury

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    Aimee Louise is nice. It's pretty & flows well. I don't care for the other combinations though.

    I also like Matthew Alexander & Dylan Luke for boys.

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    My favorite names are; Piper, Rose, Anne (although I slightly prefer Anna), Paul, Brodie, and Dylan.
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    Most of the girls seem really choppy.
    And the guys dont really flow well
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    Aimee Louise and Shannen Moira are the only combos I like. I'm fond of a lot of these names seperatly, like Paige, Veronica, Earl, Paul, and Bruce.

    Mixing some of you names, I get these combos that flow better imo:
    Shannen Paige
    Piper Louise
    Bruce Jeffrey
    Earl Alexander
    Paul Wyatt
    Lady Loves
    Rosalba Ellis + Linnea Merav
    Salome Wisteria + Elowen Fauna
    Manly Hugs
    Gideon Basil + Sampson Arlo
    Linden Elliott + Edmund Otis
    Guilty Pleasures
    Cassiopeia + Orleanna
    Naphtali + Sterling

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