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    Looks like someone is a "Charmed" fan! Or is that coincidence?
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    Prudence Shannen- I think that Prudence is lovely, but it is a bit clunky, as is Shannen. As much as I love clunky names, I don't think it's the best idea to pair them together. I would suggest a simple, classic middle name for a name like Prudence, like May, Ella, Olive, or Vera

    Piper Holly- Sorry, but Piper Holly makes me think of Pipe Holly. I don't know if people smoke holly berries, but either way it sounds strange to my ears. Maybe Piper Shannen?

    Phoebe Alyssa- Phoebe is so cute, and Alyssa is nms, but they go well together.

    Paige Rose- I don't like it at all, I'm sorry. It's because both names have only one syllable. Try something like Paige Rosemary or Paige Rosalie?

    Brenda Maria- I don't like the rhyming. Maybe Brenda Marie?

    Rene Beth- There is something weird about the flow. I think I would prefer Bethany Rene.

    Winona Veronica- Again, I don't think rhyming names sound very good. Maybe Winona Valerie?

    Aimee Louise- This one is nice, I like the Aimee spelling.

    Shannen Moira- Pretty, but I would prefer the Shannon spelling, personally.

    Carol Anne- Very dated. Sorry.

    Heather Michele- Again, very dated.

    Saoirse Susie- Soairse is pretty but Susie is not a good middle name.


    Matthew Alexander- It's okay, but sort of boring.

    Harry Earl- Harry is cool, but Earl dated.

    Riley Paul- I like this one a lot.

    Wyatt Jeffrey- Nice! Wyatt is very handsome.

    Brandon Jason- I don't like the rhyming of this one. Maybe Brandon James?

    Brodie Bruce- I don't like the double Br sounds. Maybe Brodie Luke?

    Dylan Luke- It's okay, but Dylan is totally NMS.

    Seth Woodbury- Love it! Best one on your list.
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    I love.............Prudence Piper Winona Moira Earl Brodie & Bruce
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    Piper & Seth are my favorites from your list.
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    Are you a "Charmed" fan by any chance?
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