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    Leo, Max, Nash, ???

    We just found out we are having a baby boy! Very excited as this is our first but I'm having a hard time with boy names. Had it been a girl we probably would have went with Stella, Paige or Naya as those have been long favorites of mine.

    So far, boy names we like are Leo (my grandpa's name which is nice but not overly important), Max, and Nash. We tend to like shorter stronger names that aren't too common but aren't overly out there. Our last name is two syllables, starts with T and is pronounced like the number two and ends in "ey". Don't even know where to begin with middle names.

    What do you guys think, any suggestions for us?


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    I also like Finn, Flynn, and Jett for short names.

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    How about Leo Maxwell?

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    I don't like Nash at all, and Max is overused...Leo is handsome and I love boyandgirl's suggestion of Leo Maxwell, though I do prefer Leo Maximilian.
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    Leo Maxwell is nice but now I'm thinking Leo James. Thoughts?

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