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    Audrey, Daphne, Eloise or Evelyn?

    Given a choice between those four names, which one would you pick or NOT pick, and why? Big sister is Amelia. Thanks!

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    Amelia & Audrey - Least favorite, I dislike the same initial
    Amelia & Daphne - This would be my second pick. Style is good, sounds are different, good, good, good
    Amelia & Eloise - I feel like the styles don't match very well on this combo
    Amelia & Evelyn - This is my favorite, the style match very well, I like the lenghts of this with Amelia
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    To go with Amelia, I think that Evelyn or Daphne would be the best!

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    Evelyn is my pick for a possible future daughter so this was a no brainer for me

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    Evelyn would be my first pick as it's just a sturdy and nice name. Audrey doesn't seem to fit with Amelia to me, Daphne isn't a favorite of mine ( I like Phoebe though) and Eloise is nice as well. The two E names seem like the best choices to me.
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