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Thread: The "oo" sound

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    The "oo" sound

    Not ttc until next year, but just thought of a potential problem for our top picks so far.
    For a girl we are thinking Louisa (Loo-ees-a) and for a boy, Hugo (Hyoo-go). I didn't realize it until now, but they have that similar "oo" sound. If we use one, do you think it knocks the other out of the running for a third? Opinions appreciated!!
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    From a linguistic standpoint, they don't actually sound too similar because the stress isn't on the OO sound for both, at least the way I say them. Louisa is loo-EES-a and Hugo is HYOO-go. So I think they are totally usable for siblings. I love both names, by the way.
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    I think Louisa and Hugo sound fine together. But then I say Louisa more like Luh-wheeze-a, so the oo sound isn't really there, even then the first syllable isn't stressed. Konrad (my uncle's name too ), Louisa and Hugo (love!) would make a great sibset.
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    They sound great! I think the flow is quite nice actually.
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    It wouldn't stop me from using both of them, I don't think they are noticeably similar. Practice saying them out loud and see how it feels for you.
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