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Thread: Sibset help

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    Sibset help

    We are naming our kids after family members- 1st son after both grandfathers, 1st daughter after both grandmothers, 2nd son after great grandfathers, etc.

    Our kids are Charles Patrick, called Charlie, and Elisabeth Marie, called Beth.

    If our next born is a girl we are debating:

    Ann Mavis
    Ann Giselle
    Ann Gaelle
    Ann Victoria
    Ann Madeleine

    Thoughts? Either way we would plan to call her Annie
    Charles Patrick (Charlie)

    Elisabeth Marie (Beth)

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    I like Ann Victoria, it flows really well. Annie would be a cute nickname for her. Charlie, Beth, and Annie would be darling.

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    I like Ann Mavis... and I agree with pp, your sibset is darling!
    you can call me gail

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    Thank you!!!
    Charles Patrick (Charlie)

    Elisabeth Marie (Beth)

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    first choice is Ann Victoria, then Ann Mavis
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