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    I don't like them together, sorry. Amelia is vintage but has gotten a boost several years ago and is so popular nowadays that it doesn't seem all that vintage anymore. Daphne is a very old, vintage name that, while not too harsh, sounds too old next to Amelia (in my opinion of course).
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    My daughter is named Daphne, so I'm biased of course. We picked it because it was beautiful, vintage and well-known but not popular. (I don't get harsh?) We had been going back and forth with the name Lily, but Daphne seemed feisty/spunky--like our daughter.

    Although both seem British, Amelia and Daphne seem to be from different eras. I picture Gothic England with Daphne and the Roaring 20s with Amelia. That said, I have a hard time matching Daphne to any sibset. I expect I'll be posting something similar to yours if we have baby No. 2.

    TL;DR I love Daphne, but the match with Amelia seems off.
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    I really love Amelia and Daphne together. I never really thought of ever pairing those two names together but I love it. I think both names are really sweet, I don't think Daphne is a harsh name at all.

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    Thanks for the comments! I really like Daphne but, to me, it sounds quite different from the usually quite soft/lilting names I tend to like ('harsh' was maybe the wrong word to use - after all, I do like the name). Different can be good though, because I would like my kids to have distinctly different names. But are the names too different? I don't know. Thanks again for chiming in!

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    I love Daphne. It doesn't sound harsh to me at all. It sounds like the name of a woman who is all business when she wants to be, but has a quirky and fun loving side. Amelia doesn't really match Daphne in my opinion, but I think it's fine. I wouldn't recommend them for twins, but for sisters it would work okay.
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