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    Jul 2014

    Ah! so many lovely names!

    Hi, I'm back after a year of being off (formerly wrenmaple).
    Last summer I came up with a beautiful list to fit our style, and it was a hit. I ended up with a miscarriage, and now am expecting Jude. But Jude's pregnancy has solidified what we were thinking for a theme.
    Girls: 4 letter first name (preferably nature or scandanavian) with a longer feminine middle.
    Boys: we are sticking with strong J names, preferably biblical, Christian or nature.

    Here's my expanded list in no particular order. Love them all! Feel free to comment, mix and match and add suggestions. Thanks!

    Fern Penelope
    Lark Phoebe
    Luna Evelyn
    Cleo Clementine
    Esme Adelaide
    Etta Florence
    Elin Cecily
    Anja Tabitha
    Neve Charlotte
    Nora Vivian
    Sage Amelia
    Sela Margaret
    Iris Matilda
    Ivy Imogen
    Zara Violet
    Ruby Cordelia
    Formerly wrenmaple
    Mom to Tess, Kaia, Jasper and expecting Jude
    angel babies Theo, Rafe, Sloane and Olive
    Dog babies Brody, Max and Felix

    Boys: Justice, Jonas, Jett, Judson, Job, James
    Girls: Fern, Lark, Luna, Cleo, Esme, Etta, Elin, Anja, Neve, Nora, Sage, Sela, Iris, Ivy, Zara, Ruby

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    So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Congrats on your little boy! My favorite from your girls list is Sage Amelia, though I fear some May mistake her for a boy within your sibset. With that in mind, Ruby Cordelia is fantastic, and Tessa, Kaia, Jasper, Jude, and Ruby would be a great sibset.
    ~ Larissa

    Araminta Lark
    Seraphina Daisy ~ Waverly Claire
    Zelda Marjorie ~ Romilly Violet ~ Cecily Darling
    Snow Evangeline ~ Marigold Francesca ~ Laszlo Oliver ~ Darwin Blake
    Gideon Levi ~ Fisher Gray ~ Jasper Elias
    Simon Apollo ~ Orlando Archer
    Phineas Jack

    Crushing hard... Saylor Adeline ... Mazarine Alice ... Penrose Elizabeth

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    Sorry for your loss, and wishing you the best with your pregnancy!

    My favorite firsts: Luna , Anja (the j here would make a great sibset with Jude!), Esme, Elin, Zara

    My favorite middles: Vivian (but for longer & feminine, you may like Vivienne better), Imogen, Cecily, Florence, Clementine

    Favorite combos: Elin Cecily, Esme Adelaide, Anja Juniper (has the nature feel you're going for), Luna Imogen

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    New England
    Iris, Ruby and Luna are my favorite from your lists. They fit your sibset well too. Etta is cute as well.

    Iris Matilda is perfect. Ruby Cordelia; stunning. I'd go with Vivian or Imogen as a middle for Luna. Good luck
    Proud mama to L. and S.E.R.

    *Magnolia Alice/ Evangeline Clover/ Adelaide Clover/ Athena Violet/ Liliana Wren/
    Osias Grey/ /August Grey/Thatcher Fox/ Ignatius Grey/Hawthorne Flynn*

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    I love all of these!
    Ruby Cordelia
    Esme Adelaide
    Zara Violet
    Elin Cecily
    Sela Margaret
    Luna Evelyn

    Sage Amelia is cute, but Amelia Safe flows better. I also love Etta, but not a fan of Florence. The combo still flows very well, though.
    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 22 years old and I have loved baby names since I was 10.

    Girl names: Juliet Grace, Madeleine Hope, Linnea Ruby, Stella Rose, Emilia Colette, Clara ?, Fiona Violet, Bridget Amelia, Lydia Charlotte Eden Elizabeth, Eliza ?, Evelyn ?

    Boy names: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Drew, Evan Robert, Joel ?, Quinn ?, Dawson Cole, Griffin Miles, Judah Nathaniel, Greyson Jeremiah, Roman Isaiah

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