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    They are both pretty, but I would pick Evelyn. I agree with another berry that Evelyn Florence or Florence Evelyn would make great combos.

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    Evelyn! I don't get the love for Florence. I think of Aunt Flo.

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    Evelyn, because I generally like E names, names with a V in them and it has a cute nickname Evie or Eva. I do really like Florence but it never really makes the running because I don't like the nicknames for it, other than maybe Flora, but that's not very nickname-y. Also, the fact that it is easily shortened to Flo (Aunt Flo) is another reason it never quite makes even my backup list.
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    Both are top names on my list, but, I do slightly prefer Florence I agree with myosotis though, Evelyn Florence/Florence Evelyn are lovely

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    I love Evelyn and the nicknames Evie and Vie. I am personally not too fond of Florence. Although Florence Henderson puts a bit of charm to the name.
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