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    Opinions on this french name

    What are your opinions on Vivienne Blue? I think Vivienne is a classic and very pretty even thought it's used by Angie Jolie. Plus I think the middle name Blue goes very well with it. Or if not in your opinion any other suggestions?
    Not pregnant just wondering
    | Vivienne Blue | Lila May | Heidi Rose | Marina Pearl | Hazel Ray | Everly Caroline | Caroline Renée |
    | Mia Quinn | Olive Elisabeth | Evelyn Kate | Anja Louise | Harper Lily |

    | Brooks Joseph | Lincoln Knox | Rome Alexander | Flynn Rhys | Cairo James |
    | Enzo David | Leon William |

    Favourite at the moment :
    | Everly Caroline | Brooks Joseph |

    Favourite sib-set:
    | Ollie Seymour | Heidi Renée |

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    Love it! And I think Angelina has exquisite taste.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    It strikes me as very Hollywood, honestly. What with Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Blue Ivy. Blue is a color name I don't really get, but I think Vivienne is nice. I think Vivi's adorable.

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    Love Vivienne, detest Blue.

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    I love Vivienne! There are many others to go well as a mn, that I'd prefer over Blue, but I don't hate it.

    Vivienne Esme
    Vivienne Rosette
    Vivienne Anais
    Vivienne Francine
    Vivienne Giselle
    Vivienne Inez
    Vivienne Josephine
    Vivienne Monet

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