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    Maybe Vivienne Bleu (pronounced Buh-luh) so that you're not trying to be a celebrity? Or maybe another word for Blue that's not Blue, like Cyan, Azure, Lapis, Sapphire... I think that together, it does make an appealing combo, but by itself, I don't think Blue is a good stand alone name. It's quirky that Vivienne is such a Hollywood glamour name while Blue is such a New Money Beverly Hills celebrity name. Beautiful name, though. Good luck and happy naming!
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    Vivienne is gorgeous. I do prefer the Vivian spelling because it's my middle name and I was named for a grandmother and a grandmother, but of course that is just personal bias.

    I don't like Blue at all. What about Vivienne Claire? The nn Vivi is to die for.
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    NMS, but it is quite a lovely name.
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    I think Vivienne Blue is a very gorgeous name.

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