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    What do you think of when you hear this name?

    What kind of person comes to mind when you hear the name Walden Bliss? Bliss is my maiden name and we would like to use it if it fits. I am having a hard time feeling confident about a name and we only have less than 3 weeks left!
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    Walden reminds me of the character in Two and a Half Men. I'm not really sure about Bliss as a middle name for a boy, but I think it would be nice for a girl.
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    I really like Walden for your family. It would fit fantastically with your other two's names. I can't say Bliss is the best middle name for it though. It seems rather insubstantial. Maybe a second middle name would ground it a bit more? Walden Elijah Bliss, as an example.
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    Thank you for your thoughts
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    Walden Bliss strikes me as hippie squared. Walden because of the place/book and Bliss because of new-agey spirituality. That isn't a bad thing at all, but I would think there was a lot of hippie blood in the family!
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