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    Need a biblical name suggestion!

    Hello all!
    This site was such a huge help when I was trying (and trying and trying) to name our second daughter, so I thought I might get lucky again.

    I'm currently writing a novel, and need a name for the main character. Currently, his name is Levi. I love it. It's perfect for him. I have to change it. My main, main character's name is Lilah (short of Delilah). Too many Llllllllll's! Changing hers is not an option, so Levi's gotta go.

    I'm looking for something biblical - Old Testament preferred. I loved Levi because it was subtle (shortened version of Leviticus), so I don't want to go too obvious with a Gabriel/Michael-type name. I also don't like names like Zach, so that one's out too.

    Anyone have any suggestions? TIA!

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    You liked Levi (which is NOT short for Leviticus, it means "joined" in Hebrew) so let's try:

    Adiel or Adriel
    Eben, Eli, Elisha
    Gad, Gershom
    Jotham, Judah, Joram, Joel, Joachim, Japhet
    Lior, Lazar
    Noam, Naphtali, Nehemiah (Miah)
    Reuel, Reuben
    Simeon, Simcha

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    Eli, or Elias, seems like the most obvious alternative, though @miloowen has given some great, more obscure options, as well. Also consider Matthias, Judah, and Silas.
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    Thanks, everyone!
    I like Eli and Judah.
    BTW- don't worry. I wasn't saying Levi was short for Leviticus - I just liked the subtle connection.

    Thanks again!

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