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Thread: Romeo?

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    I know some people just adore Romeo + Juliet, but I'm not one of them...I like the play, but I hate the way it's largely viewed by society as "omg the ultimate romance" so that is a huge strike against the name Romeo for me. And Romeo himself within the play isn't exactly someone I'd ever name a kid after.

    But Juliet is a useable and pretty name and I don't like her character any better. I like the look and sound of the name Romeo, but the association is too much for me. What makes Juliet useable and Romeo not? And are there names that have the same sound/feel as Romeo without the association?
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    Roman, I think, is that name that you're looking for. It has all of the sound and none of the romance.

    Honestly, I feel like Juliet is usable because people took a chance on it, named their daughters that and MADE it usable. By now, we've all met enough Juliet's that the association has changed/dissolved. When you look at the rank of Romeo compared to Juliet, you can see people aren't using it. That's just my opinion.

    But this is a great question and one I've wondered before.

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    Ditto @katerinam. I still cannot get past her character though: I love the play, but they aren't exactly namesake characters.

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