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Thread: Oliver?

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    PROS (for me)
    It's classic
    It's literary (both classic and modern books)
    I've liked it for a long time
    It sounds cool....? I guess I don't know how to describe it.

    -er ending makes it trendy
    Just realized there could be some "olive" teasing....or "liver", for that matter.

    So WDYT? Do the pros out way the cons, or vice versa, and do you like it in general?

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    Oliver is my favourite boys name, so for me the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Like you said, it's classic, has literary connections, is a well-established name, works on a guy of any age, Ollie is an adorable nickname and it sounds gorgeous

    For the cons yeah it's quite popular it's #52 in the US and it's #2 in the UK and that's the only really big problem with it. With the trendy -er ending I don't think Oliver will ever be defined as trendy because it's a timeless name and hasn't recently been invented or skyrocketed in popularity. I don't think olive teasing would be a big deal and I never made the connection with liver.

    Anyway, that's just my very biased opinion. Oliver is an awesome name!
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    It's ok...mostly it just makes me think of a hungry orphan child, but there's nothing objectionable about Oliver. I wouldn't use it, because it was the surname of the most obnoxious kid on my block when I was young.

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    I love love love Oliver. I hate watching it become so popular. Part of the appeal was that I had never met anyone with this very recognizable, smart name. Now mothers pair it with brothers named things like Mason and Connor...not even in the same league.
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