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    Names with connections to the stars

    Names that are either stars, mean star, are constellations, comets, or have connections though myth .

    What do you think of these ?

    Alphard Altair Andromeda Aquarius Australe Artemis Aries Astra
    Altaira Ariel Aten Amalthea Astrid alpha Aurora Bellatrix Belinda Bianca borealis Cygnus Cassiopeia Cepheus Corona Carina Ceres Crisseda Cordelia Cygni Callisto capella Desdemona Diana Danica Delphinus Despina Dara
    Draco Elektra Elara Estelle eridanus Fay Faye Finlay Helios Hyperion hesper Holmes Helene Halley Juliet Lucine Larissa Luna Lynx Leo Lyra Miranda Mira Nysa Oberon Ophelia Ophiuchus Orion Phoenix Phobos Polaris Phoebe Pandora Perseus Regulus Rigel Rosalind Rhea Selene Soleil Sol Sirius/lokabrenna Seren sidra Stella Scorpius thalassa Tara Vulcan vega Wolf Zeke

    Can you come up with more?

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    I love the names that you have already! They're all so beautiful! What about Celeste or Celestia?

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    So many of my favourites. Pandora, Phoenix, Faye/Fay, Lyra, Luna, Aurora, Perseus, Rhea, Rosalind, and Astrid just to name a few (or a lot). Maybe you could add (I'm not completely sure meanings are correct)
    Urania/Ourania- Heavenly (The Greek Muse of astronomy)
    Celia/Caelia- Heavenly
    Astraia- Star
    Eos- Dawn (Greek, Titan goddess in charge of the Dawn)
    I also quite like Eclipse, but more as a middle.

    Caelum- Sky (Latin)
    Evren (unisex)- The cosmos, the heavens (Turkish)
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    Your list is beautiful!



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    These are all moons
    Umbriel Titania Francisco stephano
    Margaret prospero portia pan Daphnis atlas Prometheus epimetheus methone
    Anthe telesto calypso Titan thebe lysithea euphorie thyone kale arche Deimos

    Keep 'em coming I'd love to hear more suggestions

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